Prestige building company based in Cottesloe, specialising in renovations to homes in the Western Suburbs.


We have a proven track record of quality construction and have won awards and commendations from the Fremantle and East Fremantle City Councils, and The Royal Australian Institute of Architects. As a company we pride ourselves on our quality of workmanship and our ability to finish our projects on time, and on budget.



Peter Bodeker


Cameron Howden
Site supervisor / Carpenter


Jing Tan
Designer / Admin


Annie Benson
Interior Designer

Wolfgang Elzenheimer


Peter Bodeker, Director

The core value of Peter Bodeker Construction is embedded in Peter’s people-oriented personality. Peter values and continually builds up relationship with each person he crossed path with, be it at work and or in his private life. Acting as the ‘middle-man’ between the clients, architects, tradesmen and subcontractors, Peter realises that communication is the key to bringing successes in his work.

With 20 years of practical carpentry experience, Peter launched his own company in 2005. Peter does everything from demolition to polishing the windows at the end of a job. His company soon become well-known in the area. Today, Peter is highly regarded for his top-quality tradesmen, work ethic, communication and attention to detail.

Peter believes that a home is one of the most important things in someone’s life. Hence, every single job given is planned meticulously – from schedules to materials, processes and people. Peter wants to ensure that the company delivers its promises to create a positive renovation experience for the clients. This can be achieved by making the entire building process as efficient and stress-free as possible.

Jing Tan, Designer / Admin

Originally from Malaysia, Jing graduated with a Masters of Architecture from the University of Western Australia. Recently joined PBC in 2017, Jing does architectural designing for our clients. She would look at an existing plan and draft up a few different conceptual designs for the clients’ consideration. Once a design has been selected, she works on the details, i.e; walls to be added/ demolished, where the lights go, at what height the towel rail needs to be installed and so on. These details may sound basic, yet they are crucial in minimizing errors in the jobs.

Also acting as a project administrator for the company, Jing handles the administrative side of the projects. She sets the schedules for the projects, ensures that building materials are ordered and tradesmen are lined up to go to site. At the same time, she keeps the owners and architects up to date with the work progress. She works closely with Peter to make sure that each building stage progresses smoothly. If there were issues, those will be dealt with promptly and systematically.

Jing enjoys working at PBC – focused, personalised and professional, where job details are tailored to suit the clients’ needs. From sorting out a blocked toilet to managing an entire renovation project, PBC is dedicated in providing the highest quality of service to our clients.

“Working in a building company is more than just doing the building works. It is also about learning and managing the clients’ expectations. If we want to be set-apart in the building industry, we need to learn to listen.”

Annie Benson, Interior Designer

Annie has 30 years of experience in interior designing. Apart from having great tastes, Annie would learn the clients' preferences and integrate their styles into her design. Rather than simply telling the clients what should be done, she guides the clients to make good selections. Annie is very likable and she always makes the clients feel like they have a say and are supported.

Cameron Howden, Site Supervisor/ Carpenter

Trained in New Zealand as a carpenter, Cameron had the opportunity to gain a holistic knowledge of the building process, as carpenters are trained to stay on the job in NZ. In addition to his top-notch quality training, Cameron has a willing attitude and possesses great problem solving skills. With great carpentry skills and even greater interpersonal skills, Cameron has a pleasant way of dealing with people albeit in sometimes tricky situation.


Wolfgang Elzenheimer, Bookkeeper

A true German with an eye for figures, efficient and precise.